Who we are


Our History

  We are a family dedicated and passionate with the hospitality industry. With over 30 years multicultural experience (Greece, Italy, USA, China, Australia) and lots of love and care we assure you that every time you try our products you will say ... Mmmm !!!

Our Philosophy

  Veganism is our philosophy and our way of living and existing!!  Love, care, consciousness and awareness are our cooking ingredients!!  Nature, animals, environment and future are our concerns !! Belief and faith are our strengths!!

What we do

       With a lot of love, passion and experience we are producing the most famous and favorite Greek traditional meals in their Vegan version without losing the amazing taste and at the same time becoming a lot more healthy and environmentally friendly !!


The famous Greek dish now in a more even delicious version with eggplants, potatoes, mushroom mince and cream from soya milk and vegetable oil. 


 Mmmm !! This secret recipe made with almond milk and orange brought up a more delicious  version of this famous Greek dessert !!


 The famous spinach and feta cheese pastry made with Vegan feta cheese imported from Greece and our secret recipe combined for a mouthwatering bite!!


 One of our most popular summer dishes already been Vegan for thousands of years  mixed with our secret recipe now available for you !!!


 Went to Green Vegan Bakery today and loved it! Super friendly staff whose recommendations were on point. 10/10 recommend the vegan mousaka and choc chip biscuits. Can't wait to go again!!!

I went past The Greek Vegan Bakery to collect a Greek Vegan feast for my wife's Birthday. Walking through the doors with a sceptical non-vegan father, we were taken away by what Dimitri and his family are working towards. Moussaka, Spanakopita , Tyropita , Yemista , Galaktoboureko , Bougatsa... A lot of foods I had said goodbye to a long time ago were instantly back on the menu and on my dining table for dinner. From one Greek to another, the flavours were spot on and truly authentic! Each dish was amazing and I can highly recommend to go and check these guys out!
Thanks Dimitri, was amazing and we'll be back soon!

I went to Greek Vegan Bakery yesterday, and was compelled to let the world know how special these people and their delicious food are. Fior is passionate and generous of heart, and her food reflects this passion and generosity. Highlights are their vegan versions of mousaka (with its baked eggplant and potato providing less oil than the fried alternative), yemista (stuffed capsicum and tomato), spanakopita and bougatsa, as well as some great little choc chip cookies and orange biscuits. Vegan or otherwise, check out this place to remind yourself of the good in this world.

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